Welcome to my YouTube Channel … My name is Kimberly Cato and I’m the Founder & Registered Psychotherapist of True Roots Counselling Services where we purpose to Transform Trauma Into Triumph.

My goal for this channel is to share resources, insights, tips, and tricks about a wide variety of topics that help us transform into the best version of ourselves. I KNOW that sounds really cheesy, but it’s also my Pure Truth.

For the vast majority of my life, I have been in desperate pursuit of TRUTH and, though my curiosity has led me astray at times, I have always been able to find my way, eventually. So much so that I have come to believe that as much as I have been hungrily chasing after Truth, TRUTH longs to be found.

That said, join me if you’re a Truth Seeker too, on this Grande Adventure of self-discovery and personal Triumph!!!


Being unfamiliar with technology, facebook and YouTube didn’t stop me from accepting a 30-Days Live Challenge when dared by a friend.

Especially because I needed to master all these platforms in preparation for the launch of my new Online Program.

As taught by Brene Brown, I picked up the gauntlet, threw caution to the wind and stepped boldly into the arena … and a remarkable thing happened.

Watch as I adjust my New Crown and fall in love with going Live!!!

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