Welcome to True Roots Counselling Services where we provide individual, family and group counselling in a non-judgmental, inclusive and edifying atmosphere that fosters personal growth and freedom from oppression. We offer high quality services with a standard of excellence designed to maximize an individual’s possibilities for success.

True Roots Counselling Services is committed to creating a safe, accepting, and responsive environment that honours individual uniqueness, diversity, comfort level and pace.

If you are dissatisfied with your current life situation and seek to break free from unproductivity, we invite you to take a step towards change right now.  

Feel free to browse this site, get to know what we do and contact us if you are ready to explore your True Roots.

Our Mission

To assist people to be grounded in their environment of choice and rooted in their personal identity so they can flourish fully in their authentic self

Our Vision

People liberated by the discovery and fulfillment of their purpose who positively empower their sphere of influence

Our Values